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Whether you are a patient or caregiver, the moment you hear the dreaded ‘C’ word, your life changes. Forever. Your power is stripped away as you react to your new normal of tests, treatments, doctors, and medications. A cancer diagnosis puts you into a reactive state. I lost the most important person in my life to cancer, and I remember swimming in the chaos of helplessness. Even after starting a nonprofit to combat her cancer, I realized patients needed more than information and education. They needed to be empowered to advocate for their cancer care.

I began to wonder …

  • What could I do to change a cancer patient’s journey?

  • How could I empower cancer patients and caregivers from the moment they hear the ‘C’ word?

  • How could I combine my talents of teaching, coaching, writing, and advocacy to create better outcomes for cancer patients and caregivers?

When you ask the universe questions, you often receive the most surprising answers.

Welcome to Cancer University aka Cancer U

Cancer U is an online membership library that hosts educational and empowerment programs for cancer patients and their families. At Cancer U, our goal is to turn you into proactive patients and caregivers because the best defense is a good offense.

In our six-week flagship course The Proactive Patient, we teach the basics of what you need to know to advocate for yourself during your cancer journey. In addition to our flagship course, there is a private members’ forum where you can connect with other patients and caregivers. Also, we will host members-only webinars and add courses that address all types of cancers.

Our values are

  • Empowerment — Take action on what you can control, release what you cannot control, and learn how to express your wants/needs during your cancer journey.

  • Education — Know everything you can about your specific cancer, your treatment options, your patient rights, etc.

  • Engagement — Connect with other cancer patients and caregivers for support.

  • Enthusiasm — Embrace a positive attitude and zest for life during your cancer journey.

  • Ease of Use/Understanding — Access Cancer U securely from any device, anywhere, at any time, and understand our course materials as we develop everything in-house and create consistent content written in layman’s terms.

  • Expertise & Excellence — Learn from our team of experts who maintain our high standards for all of our educational materials.

To learn how Cancer U started, watch our origin story.